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From a Parent:

"I have two distinct memories of sitting in the parking area in front of The Village School. In one of these memories my husband and I are waiting to go into the school for the first time. We were there for a visit-our children had been in our local public school for three years, and we were eager to find them an environment that was more in keeping with our beliefs about education. I was pretty terrified that the school was going to be exactly what we were looking for. (The financial commitment, not to mention the forty-minute commute, would definitely put a strain on our family.) We sat in the car and told ourselves that we would almost certainly not choose to make that commitment, but that it was good that we were exploring all of our options.

My other memory involves the moments after that first visit, when we returned to the car and agreed that there could clearly be no turning back-that we would figure out a way to make it work, because not to do so would be to deprive our children of an experience that we so desperately wanted for them.

Now I tell anyone who will listen that our decision to commit to The Village School that day was the best thing we've ever done as parents. I don't think that is an exaggeration. This is an extraordinary school, with its emphasis on Curriculum and nature and the arts and kindness. When I try to put my finger on what exactly makes it so extraordinary I think it's this-each of those dimensions is woven equally into the fabric of the school, so fully integrated that you can often not tell one from the other. Our children are happy here, and they're having so much fun that they're not even aware that they're learning a million different things a day." - Village School Parent


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