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Field to Table :: 2012painted flour corn

This summer, Rise grew an old variety of corn, Indian Painted Mountain Corn. It survived being flattened by the remnants of the hurricane, and it even took an early frost. In the fall, the whole plants were pulled out of the ground, and brought to school.

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The 2nd-3rd grade class pulled the ears off of the plants, and hung them to dry in the classroom. In December, they husked and shelled the dried corn. The kernels were every hue of the rainbow, and filled a large bowl, which sat in the classroom for a few months, for the children to view and run their hands through.
In March and April, the preschool, the K-1 and the 2nd-3rd classes took turns with a stone mill, hand grinding batches of the corn for cornmeal.

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preschool grinding grandma preschooler grinding corn e preschoolers grinding corn
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The children then used the resulting cornmeal to mix batches of corn bread in class, which filled the school with a divine aroma when baking. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tasty bread. Everyone enjoyed the corn muffins at the Teddy Bear picnic, eating the last of the corn bread made from this flour.

mixing cornbread now you mix in the egg e beating eggs e corn muffin yum

This spring, we will plant this variety of corn in the Village School garden, and hope to continue the same cycle again next fall.