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Harvest Week - 2013

Harvest Day News

It all began last spring with all the classes preparing the soil, and then planting the garden over a number of sessions. Then, on a Tuesday in late September, the whole school, all 61 children, went outside with their buddies, shucked some corn, and headed right out to the garden. It was a beautiful morning, cool and dry, the sun shining down on us all. The older buddies worked with their younger buddies and together they dug potatoes, pulled carrots, picked green beans, and hunted for other vegetable treasures (and worms!) in the garden. Weeds were piled in the garden cart and tossed into the compost. Everyone was joyfully working and helping each other. At the end, there were buckets of potatoes, green beans, carrots, pumpkins and corn. The children washed up and enjoyed fresh cooked corn for snack. That afternoon, the K-1 and other children scrubbed potatoes. Later that week, the whole school enjoyed fresh dug, roasted potatoes for snack. It was a treat to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

a collection black gold digging potatoes digging worms digging dirt is good eating corn everyone at work garden partners girls in dirt here's a worm in the garden in the sunflowers mr. wheelbarrow my potato my pumpkin mygreenbean pumpkinhead sharing shucking corn