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Knitting Project

bryce fingerless mitten

Knitting at the Village School :: March 2012

The 2nd-6th grade classes just finished an 8 week knitting cycle. New knitters were first introduced to a special peg loom, a great tool for developing students' visual-motor skills. Mastering the wrapping pattern and then working through a whole ball of yarn, each child made a new scarf. After learning the loom, students move onto making their own knitting needles, sharpening the tips of wood dowels, and then patiently sanding them smooth. With the new needles, students refine their technique and remember the "push, wrap, pull and lift" process, while creating a simple scarf.

As their skills develop, 4th-6th graders were given new projects, such as working on circular needles, and making a hat or a small bag, which included learning to read a knitting pattern. Another favorite is fingerless mittens. The most challenging project is knitting 2- needle mittens.

We use 100% New England wool yarn, from Bartlett Yarns, in Harmony, Maine. The 2nd–3rd graders used solid, light colors, which are best for seeing stitches. Older students use multicolored yarn dyed by Lynn.

When knitting, the children find the determination and patience to see projects through to the end. It's purposeful work, allowing the children to settle their bodies, but still have very active, focused minds, with subtle fine motor movements. It was a special treat one Tuesday afternoon, when Dick Hyland came in and played guitar during knitting time.

Lynn Anair leads and teaches the knitting program, which takes place each winter at the Village School. Children continue to knit throughout the year, and get great pointers and advice from Lynn, who is an accomplished spinner, dyer and knitter herself. The children can also always go to Lynn in the After School Program, anytime, for knitting help.

Here are some of our student knitters and their finished projects:

gabriel new scarf e bryce fingerless mitten knitting away leah knitting leah loom knitting loom knitting my scarf is this long Nora new hat student knitter