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Village School 2017-2018 School Year

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Village School 2016 - 2017 School Year

4th-6th marshmallow structures

its fun leaning towerJPG together

Jackson Pollack Day

artist at work jackson pollack day

K1 Biodiversity Day

K-1 biodiversity day covers (1) K-1 biodiversity day covers (2) K-1 biodiversity day covers (3) K-1 biodiversity day covers (4) K-1 biodiversity day covers (5)

2nd-3rd Whale Dioramas

IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626 IMG_1627 IMG_1628 IMG_1629 IMG_1630 IMG_1631

2nd-3rd Theme Share

2nd-3rd theme share presentation recorder players recorder playing

Field Day

bottle rocket aloft egg carry facepainting freeze dance tug of war all dressed up beat the goalie bubble fun freeze dance wet group games latest fashion mustaches sack racing silly fun 1 spray us

Ground Breaking Ceremony

alum and parent Kids at ceremony in rain Thank you Walt Thornton  Engineer and VS board member Cropped groundbreaking Cropped shovelers e VS groundbreaking Jim Farnham performing ceremonial  sprinkling on foundation large group ground breaking e Rise Richardson VS Director and  kids recognizing Walt Thonton teachers groundbreaking The A Team 2nd-3rd pile up e (1)

2nd-3rd Halibut Point

clear pool halibut pt gang halibut pt in the pools rock piles rock pools specimen watching waves

2nd-3rd Sweetwater Farm

goat in the green house keeping them warm planting potatoes planting trench planting tag

The Village School Play: In Pursuit of the Loot

3 girls actor meeting banker cast singing crowd scene general store Mr. Moneybags singing stage left stage right

Preschool Water Day

blowing bubbles bubbles and water snack at the table water shields preschool water day preschool chick hatching e

K1 Science

drawing live specimens K-1 science

Science Night

doing experiment set up explaining fire extinguishers heat conductivity our experiments sharing showing smelling vinegar visiting experiments

Preschool to Richardson Farm

feeding goat goat friend goat friends goat rocks 1 goat rocks goat stretches goat talk holding silkie

Preschool Pond Study

in hay loft big rock by the pond fern look through here see him see the creatures tree up a tree 3 pals look at this

Teddy Bear Picnic

bear buddies bear snack buddies & bears introducing teddy bears its a bear it's a bear my teddy bear preparing for bear hunt run, its a bear! teddy bear gang teddy bear journals teddy bear picnic teddy bear reading buddies teddy bears preschool & buddies

May Day 2017

beginning weaving hi five looking up may day view may day weaving morris dancers shepherds hay waiting to start youngers give away your heart give me 5 hi 5 high 5 I made it myself its fun may crown May Day big view morris men enter preschool may crown smiles smiling weaving team weaving the ultimate may crown

K1 Spring Theme Share

happy sun K-1 spring theme share all together K-1 spring theme share funny K-1 spring theme share w grandma

4th-6th Covered Wagon Day

3rd team dressed to go e campfire meeting ready to go taking inventory wagon group w mule crop wagon packed by the fire covered wagon team home on the range

4th-6th Oklahoma Land Rush

land rush GO! land rush prep land rush rules land rush strategy JPG staking claims the rush is on we're ready

4th-6th Visit Richardson farm

collecting sap on Narrol Lane 3.17 Gathering sap at Rise's Getting ready for pancakes Kids and goats, Rise Farm trip 3.17 Rise, with Lamb and Wm Rise's lama and sheep 3.17 Rise's Lambs 3.29.17 Rise's sugar house 3.17 Wm at Rise's with Lamb Rise tells the maple syrup story

Play time

2 in a boat 3 in a boat mini snowmen

2nd-3rd Knot Workshop

a bunch knot table knots in air look at our knots making knots my knot

2nd-3rd Sheap Shearing Visit

almost done 1 coat almost off sheep shearing felting 101 sugaring story waiting sheep yearling coat half way off

Preschool Pasta Making

preschool pasta making doing e preschool pasta making watching e sophie reading w kids

Fun In the Snow

climbing the sledding hill fumblitis king of mountain making snow tunnel on our way our snow cave our tunnel snow comfort snow football snow mounds snow mountain play

Knitting and Artists at Work

knitters (1) knitters (2) finger knitting loom it's done! artist artists at work baby group e coffee filter hearts finger knitting hearts my scarf e sandtable friends snow dragon 1 e weaving fish

Dance Week at the Village School

k-1 head movement K-1 moves K-1 smooth moves leaning in leaning like this mirror motion moves moving in space moving on rug next move our moves partner stretching partners preschool joy presenting tableau triangle partner improv 1 e points of contact preschool moves relaxing e shapes e turns using heads 2nd-3rd dance choreography directional for parents 1 for parents 2 for parents in sync it's fun K-1 crawling K-1 focus

Winter at the Village School

2nd-3rd winter gardens 4th-6th winter gardens 1 finishing winter garden K-1 funny report K-1 winter gardens 1 last winter garden waiting for wedding preschool winter gardens lit K-1

Colonial Dress Up Day

explaining fascinated felting wool it feels funny listening proper hat use of kerchief ColonialDressUpDay

Book Festival 2016

author table book fest 16 book festival 16 1 book festival 16 gordon morrison book fest presentation e image1 image3 author visit authortables book festival shells facepaintng shells sketching w gordon morrison sketching wth gordon morrison 1 story stones storystones activity table 1 sketching owl activity table

Sweetwater Farm

chickens headng back scruffy sweetwater beans


building together experimenting flute how it works making cubic examples simple machine simple pulley trumpet working together

Math Under the Stairs

mathunderthestairs  (3) mathunderthestairs  (1) mathunderthestairs  (2) mathunderthestairs  (4)

2nd-3rd Timber Framers

2nd-3rd timber framers e all the joints braces bracing concentrating joists peg in pegging putting up a wall roof together e all together gentle how they connect inserting post teamwork

All School Poetry

poetry reading on table poetry writing in the shade writing poetry in tree writing poetry

Jacobs Hill Hike

on the way 6th grade group e almost back along stream e heading back in the light its fun jacobs hill vista e 2 jacobs hill vista leaf pile library 2 on the common on top of the rocks playing in falls road back 1 road back rock climbing side view special tree haven spirit falls starting back swamp view trees and falls wow

Lawrence Brook Hike

hike to river lawrence brook hike on the hike river spot

4th-6th at Sweetwater Farm

corn kernels cows goat greeting grinding corn 1 grinding corn husking corn making cornbread moving goats shelling corn 1 shelling corn 2 shelling corn sweetwater farm pumpkins

Reading Buddies

boys reading e colorful boys its a fun book preschool windows e preschool windows reading together threesome book buddies books are fun boys sharing book reading girls journal circle sharing journal circle


preschool fall materials play table Preschool

Harvest Morning

garden buddies garden circle my worm potato boy potato hunter radish team bucket of radishes buddies 2 cleaning potatoes corn buddies corn on the swing corn swingers digging together digging finding potatoes first potatoes gardening hands get the last radish hands in soil I found a worm 2 I found a worm too buddies look at this worm lots of corn monkey bar corn potato scrubbers potatoes just dug scrubbing potatoes 3 shucking the corn the teeniest carrot e worm its a big potato!JPG its good potato basket potato buddies potato finding potato scrubbers 1 pulling radishes radish bed radishes! sorting radishes what's in there

The School Year Begins

cup challenge our team cup challenge team 1 e cup challenge 4th-6th sketching 1 4th-6th sketching 2 e 4th-6th sketching 4th-6th tree study 2 4th-6th tree study 3 hopes and dreams K-1 e K-1 day diagram cycle poem writing poetry boys tree study 4th-6th 1 tree study 4th-6th

Alumni Picnic

alumni gang alumni group alumni up and down