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Poetry Week - 2014

All School Winter Poetry Project

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K-1 brainstorm leah stashu table at work (1)

In preparation for the project, all the classes listened to winter-themed poetry read aloud by teachers. Classes brainstormed words and phrases, and wrote poems together. 2nd-3rd and 4th-6th students first worked on writing their own poems. Then over the next two weeks, 2nd-3rd and 4th-6th graders worked with their Reading Buddies to help them think of ideas for winter poetry. The older children then helped their younger buddies to write a poem, scribing for them when necessary.

ben caiomhe velouria e buddy poetry writing emmy emma e

Since the older children had gone through a similar process in writing their own poems the week before, they were able to be very helpful to their buddies. It was lovely to see and hear the strength of the partnership between the various buddy pairs and trios (some older children have two younger buddies).

william sam sage emmet-&-buddies-e

The older ones then took the resulting first drafts to check and edit them, and it was touching to see how faithful they were their buddies' original words. The following day, the buddies read their final drafts together, and made any last-minute changes.

hannah hazel e K-1 poetry drawing e

In two sessions, the 2nd-3rd graders and 4th-6th graders read their poems, and those of their buddies, aloud to the whole school, while the younger children showed pictures they drew to illustrate their poems. Everyone was very attentive as an audience, and the older children clearly showing how much they had learned about reading poetry aloud.

children listening readings e charlie stashu sophia reading e jasper fraser reading e

It was wonderful to experience the quality of listening present in the room as all the children, young and old, sat to hear the poems. It was a very satisfying conclusion to another successful all-school poetry event, and the results can be seen in a bound book of the children's poetry on display in the hallway.

willa vela caiomhe reading e nellreadingwithbuddy jackson jonath eleanor reading e preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (1) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (2) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (3) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (4) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (5) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings (6) preschool & K-1 poetry drawings